Listen to Three Lions in the shower to save water, says WaterAid

Water save for England!

Listen to Three Lions in the shower to save water, says WaterAid

As the UK heatwave continues after one of the driest ever Junes, water companies have urged Brits to shower in four minutes or less to help conserve water; but how do you time your shower to no more than four minutes? If you are an England fan then listen to ‘Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)’, says WaterAid.

The international charity, which works to improve access to clean water and decent toilets in the world’s poorest countries, has created a Spotify playlist of songs that last exactly four minutes to help make sure that showering supporters don’t go into extra time. And the 1998 version of the all-time classic football anthem by Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds is first to qualify in the group.

At exactly four minutes long, ‘Three Lions’ is the perfect shower accompaniment for England fans ahead of Wednesday’s semi-final.

Meanwhile, those not supporting England can opt for a more water-related shower-time track, by listening to Adele’s ‘Water under the Bridge’, or Boney M’s ‘Rivers of Babylon’, or ‘Downstream’ by Supertramp, which also come in at four minutes.

WaterAid Chief Executive Tim Wainwright said:

“The heat is on for both the England football team and the country’s water supplies, so we should all do our bit to reduce our water use during the heatwave.

“Lathering up to Three Lions is a perfect way to build up to the big game and make sure you don’t go into extra time in the shower.

“On average, an eight-minute shower uses around 65 litres of water – which is over three times the amount many people in the developing world rely on for a whole day.”