Our Assurance Framework

At South Staffs Water we are committed to transparency of information and performance. 

In June 2015 Ofwat published its ‘Company Monitoring Framework’. The new framework is part of Ofwat’s toolkit and its move to lighter touch regulation and increased transparency. The new process intends to replace the previous approach of isolated prescribed assurances on various submissions, with a holistic framework.

We have developed and applied our overall assurance framework that defines how we will deliver that transparency through appropriate levels of assurance and sign off. We have also engaged with our stakeholders on the data we provide to them to understand how they perceive us and whether any improvements can be made.
These documents are published for consultation and we would welcome responses from our stakeholders by 8 January 2016. We will then review the feedback we receive and publish final versions of our assurance framework and stakeholder engagement, and also our future action plan, in the new year.

You can read our assurance framework documents here.

Please send responses to this consultation to