Walsall MP visits South Staffs Water

undefinedEddie Hughes, Member of Parliament for Walsall North, visited South Staffs Water last week to find out more about the region’s local water company.

Mr Hughes was treated to a tour of the office including a visit to the operations control room, the customer contact centre and met the water quality team. His tour ended with the news of the company’s ambitious and innovative plans for the future, with new ways to tackle water leaks and support for customers in need, all whilst maintaining one of the lowest bills in England and Wales.

undefinedPhil Newland, managing director of South Staffs Water, said: 

“We are a local company and have been supplying our local communities with high quality water for over 160 years.  We are part of our community. We welcomed the opportunity to show one of our MPs how we deliver these essential services to our customers and how we are ‘making water count’ for them now and into the future.”undefinedEddie Hughes said:

“I was amazed by the processes that go on behind the scenes to bring us water when we turn on our taps. South Staffs Water, not only ensures that all of us have high quality water, but also delivers an excellent customer service. It’s plain to see that as a local company, South Staffs Water is committed to its customers and is also a vital major employer for the area.”