Water mains improvements to start in Bloxwich

Work is due to start on a project to replace water mains in nine streets in Bloxwich.

The project is part of our ongoing improvement programme and will see almost 2km of water main replaced along from the junction of Clarendon Street and the Police Station, resulting in improved water quality and a reliable water supply to customers.

The work will start on Monday 6 April 2020 and will last for approximately eight to ten weeks, in the following streets:

  • Elmore Green Road
  • Station Street
  • Grant Street
  • Elmore Green Close
  • Reeves Street
  • Station Place
  • Nursery Road
  • Station Close
  • Deeley Street
  • Deeley Place     

In order to carry out the works as safely and efficiently as possible, there will be temporary multi-way traffic lights on Reeves Street.

There is an existing temporary road closure in Station Street while Network Rail carry out works, and we will be working closely with Network Rail to complete the mains renewal within the period of the road closure.

The Coronavirus crisis has made it a difficult time for us all but it is important that we carry out this work. Delaying could increase the risk of more serious issues such as burst pipes, which would result in interruptions to our customers’ supplies.

The safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and customers is our number one priority. We are regularly reviewing the official advice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and advising our colleagues to follow the necessary NHS hygiene measures. We would be grateful if you maintain the two-metre social distance rule, if you are passing our workers or if you need to talk to them.

Posted: 25 March 2020