Water mains upgrade for Chase Terrace

Photo of the road closureWe have started a project to replace the water mains in Chase Terrace.

The project is part of our ongoing improvement programme and will see over 3km of water mains upgraded, resulting in improved water quality and a reliable water supply to customers.

The works are being carried out by our contractor Onsite, over a twenty week period starting 30 September 2019 in the following roads:

  • School Lane
  • Radmore Close
  • Ironstone Road
  • School Walk
  • Chapel Street
  • Griffin Close
  • School Close
  • Eastgate
  • Thorpe Avenue
  • Lorne Street
  • Thorpe Street
  • Princess Street

 To complete this work as safely and efficiently as possible, temporary road closures will be in place as we work through the roads. Diversion routes will be in place at all times and access will be maintained to residents and businesses.

Phil Newland, Managing Director at South Staffs Water, explains:

This project represents a significant investment into the water quality in Chase Terrace and has been designed to minimise the impact to traffic, residents and businesses.

 At no time will we request access to a customer’s property unless a visit has been pre-arranged. 

Traffic diversion details
Plan of the traffic diversions

For live updates visit One Network.

Posted: 3 October 2019

Week one update
Work started with two new connections being made on Cannock Road. The first connection is on the junction of School Lane and the second is on the junction of Thorpe Street. Both connections are being carried out under traffic lights at the same time, this will avoid further disruption later on.

Once the new mains are taken across the Cannock Road, the two-way lights will be taken down and the junction of Thorpe Street will be opened up to traffic again, this should be by the end of next week.

School Lane will remain closed to through traffic until all the mains and services along with reinstatements are completed.

Water disruption will be kept to a minimum with advance notice being given for any planned interruption.

Posted: 5 October 2019

Week two update
Last week, the connections on Cannock Road opposite School Lane and Thorpe Avenue were completed.

A new main has being directional drilled from the junction of Cannock Road to the junction of Thorpe Avenue. Direction Drilling is a process which avoids the need to dig a trench along the road, so it's less disruptive and reduces our Carbon Footprint.

This week, the works continue on Cannock Road, bringing the new main laid on School Lane to the connection completed on Cannock Road , after which we water up, test and sample before connecting the new service pipes to the customers' boundary. The Cannock Road will be clear of traffic lights by Monday.

Next week, the works will continue along School Lane towards and including Radmore Close. As we progress along School Lane the excavations will be backfilled and reinstated but the road will remain closed.

Posted: 11 October 2019

Week three update

Last week another section of School Lane was directional drilled, this brings the total of new main laid so far to over 300 metres. The main has being tested and the water sampled. (This is standard industry practice ensuring quality water is delivered to your tap).

This week, with the samples passed, we can now concentrate on transferring the new service pipes to each property and connecting them to the new main. As soon as these service pipes are transferred, the footpaths will be backfilled and reinstated, we hope the majority of the excavations up to Thorpe Avenue will be completed by this weekend (weather pending). 

Chase Terrace 15 Oct
We had expected the traffic lights on Cannock Road to have been removed by Monday but, due to heavy rain, the backfilling had to be postponed. That is now complete and reinstatements have been completed, so the lights have  been removed and the junction of Thorpe street is open to traffic.

The excavation work is continuing along School Lane and Radmore Close and next week, we anticipate the new main will be installed up to and around Radmore Close.

Posted: 15 October 2019 

Week four update

Last week the new 110mm main was laid just passed the junction of Radmore Close, and Radmore close also had a new 63mm pipe installed.

The new service supplies will be transferred this week and the excavations backfilled, we expect these should be reinstated by the end of this week.

The works also carry on along School Lane towards Thorpe Street this week, however the method used to lay the new main will change, instead of directional drilling we will be pipe cracking.

Photo of Chase Terrace

What’s pipe cracking? Using the old water main by cracking it and expanding the ground about 100mm from within the old cast iron pipe, allowing the new main to pass through the void created. This method reduces the number of excavations required in the road, but does mean a temporary supply will also have to be laid above ground to keep our customers with water while the work is carried out. The pipe cracking method couldn’t be used previously as the other utilities were in close proximity to the old main and there would be a slight risk of damage being caused when expanding the old pipe underground.

Trial holes undertaken pre-scheme design confirmed the methods approved in the final design (although this can change again should other unforeseen factors arise).

Posted: 25 October 2019

Week five update

Photo of progress in Chase TerraceThe works along School Lane are progressing well and should be completed by 8 November and the road will then be re-opened to traffic.

It has become apparent some customers along School Lane may be seeing a slight reduction in pressure at the tap, this is only temporary and will be back to normal when School Lane has been completed.

Whilst School Lane is near completion, additional crews are being brought in to start the renewal along Thorpe Avenue. The new main is going to be installed separately to the old main, to ensure supplies are not affected. Once the new main is up and running, will we re-new and transfer the water supplies to the boundary of each property.

In addition to the above we are also going to start on a link main from Princess Street into Lorne Street, this is to help the flow and pressures on the estate.

Thank you for your patience during these essential works.

Posted 31 October 2019

Week six update
We continue to drill the new main along Thorpe Avenue. The final connections along School Lane have being completed, the excavations will be back filled and reinstated next week.

Week seven update

The link main between Princess Street and Lorne Street are now in commission ensuring supplies are not affected when the connections for Thorpe Avenue are being undertaken.

Works have also now started on School Walk and School Close, all the individual supplies are being put on a temporary pipe above ground while the new main is being inserted through the old main which is being done this weekend. The road closure on School Lane is being removed on Sunday 17 November.