WaterAid's March for Water

undefined"For 1 in 9 people around the world getting a drink of water isn't as simple as turning on a tap. They have no choice but to make long, tiring, and often dangerous journeys to remote water sources - and then haul heavy cans or buckets all the way back home. It's a journey that for some is an eight kilometre round trip, and a burden that more often than not falls to women and young girls, who sacrifice their education and careers to make sure their families have water." - WaterAid

Our very own Nick Holloway, Jhordan Murray and Rachel Dean have pledged to walk further than usual this March in solidarity with those who have no choice but to walk to collect water. They are taking part in WaterAid’s March for Water and have pledged to walk 621km in March.

Please support them. You can find the links to their JustGiving pages on our team page: