WaterSmart Software partners with South Staffs Water to deliver measurable outcomes with behavioural efficiency

San Francisco – 9 May, 2017 – WaterSmart Software today announced a new strategic partnership with South Staffs Water to engage with their end-use customers through a digital analytics and communications platform. South Staffs Water is implementing technologies to improve water-use efficiency while driving measurable improvements in customer satisfaction as part of a broader program to develop and adopt innovative solutions. 

“We are excited by the use of technology to engage with our customers,” said Phil Newland, Managing Director of South Staffs Water. “Our aim is that through the WaterSmart platform, our customers will become more actively involved in the shared challenge of how best to manage our precious water resources.”

WaterSmart provides households access to easy-to-understand information via email Water Reports and a web and mobile portal.  The platform offers detailed water use data, comparative water scores, alerts and notifications, and an innovative ‘discovery’ module that allows customers to take specific actions to better manage their water usage. The initial program will serve a pilot group with digital Water Reports and will include an additional randomised control group in order to measure program effectiveness for South Staffs Water.

“WaterSmart is excited to bring our award winning engagement and efficiency solutions to the UK market,” said Robin Gilthorpe, WaterSmart Chief Executive Officer. “South Staffs Water is an water industry leader in this area and their embrace of innovative technology approaches in a quest for improved customer engagement is an ideal fit for the WaterSmart platform.”

Ofwat, the economic regulator of water in the U.K., has recently created a framework for customer participation called FACE (futures, action, community, experience). Ofwat supports better customer engagement as a prerequisite for improved water system resiliency, and the WaterSmart platform represents a best-of-breed solution that is proven to achieve those objectives.

WaterSmart, a public benefits corporation, works exclusively with public and private water suppliers and is one of just 30 companies worldwide to receive the coveted 2016 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers Award for their potential to “significantly impact business and society through the design, development and implementation of new technologies and innovation.”

9 May 2017