Our strategies and plans

Making sure we deliver what you want

We want to understand the things that are really important to our customers and other stakeholders. Over the last 18 months we have talked and listened to over 26,000 customers and community voices and we are continuing to speak to even more throughout the rest of this year and then beyond. We have used all this valuable feedback to help us put together our 2020 to 2025 business plan to ensure that it’s right for all our customers and stakeholders. We have also used a wide range of feedback tools to ensure we listen to as many customers as possible all the time in a way that suits them.

Find out what our customers have been saying and how we are using the feedback by clicking on the areas below:

 We have spent a lot of time developing our business plan because we want to get it right for our customers. So, as well as understanding what’s important to them, we also wanted a clear picture of how we’re going to deliver the best possible service in the areas they say matter most to them.

We’ve worked with ten independent research agencies to gain feedback on a wide range of areas. These include the areas where customers want us to invest their money to ensure high-quality drinking water always comes through the tap to understanding what great service looks like. We’re also using new ways to allow us to have a two-way conversation with customers and to help make the experience as educational and fun as possible.

At every step of the journey, our Independent Customer Panel will be checking that we are carrying out the research in an open and fair way and that we are listening to customers and responding appropriately to what they are telling us. You can find their independent report on how we have approached our customer engagement journey here.