Our strategies and plans

Our drought plan

Managing water resources during dry years

Every five years, we prepare, consult on and publish a drought plan, which sets out how we will manage our water resources during dry years. This is so we can make sure essential public water supplies are maintained.

Our drought plan looks at the options available to us to manage the water we have available to supply to you and the demand for that water.

It also sets out how we will minimise the impact our activities have on the environment, and how we will communicate with you, our regulators and other key stakeholders in the event of a drought.

And it discusses the triggers for different levels of action we can take. These range from asking you to save water – for example, by spending less time in the shower – to imposing restrictions on non-essential water use by businesses and institutions in a severe drought.

We published our latest drought plan in 2018.

What is drought?
A drought is an extended period of very low rainfall. This leads to lower than expected water levels in our reservoirs and other water sources. When this happens, we need to take appropriate action to manage our water supplies.