Our strategies and plans

At least every five years, we prepare a Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP), which sets out how we will provide a high-quality secure and reliable water supply, in an affordable and sustainable way, now and in the future.

We aim to achieve this in a way that is the most affordable and sustainable, and takes into consideration increasing environmental pressures on our resources.

Our Water Resources Management Plan sets out in detail how we plan to achieve these outcomes over the next 25 years. In particular, we need to ensure that we are able to maintain a surplus of supply, known as headroom, over the expected demand for water.

In compiling the plan, we have taken into account all the factors that will influence the balance of supply and demand for water. We assess these factors and allow for uncertainty to ensure that we maintain a surplus of supply. We have also listened to our customers, and consulted with various stakeholders, to ensure their views are taken into account.

Our last plan was published in 2019, and we have been working on developing our next plan, due for publication in 2023/24. We have now completed the draft plan and shared it with our regulators, the Environment Agency and Ofwat, and now we are able to share the plan with all of our customers and stakeholders to get their feedback and views on it. This feedback will help us create our final plan.

Our draft WRMP and appendices detail how we’ve developed our plan, including modelling, environmental assessments and our customer engagement work. We have also produced a non-technical summary document to help provide an easy-to-read overview of the plan. Paper copies are available on request – please contact us via email to request.

We published our draft plan for consultation on 16 November 2022 and consultation on this closed 22 February 2023. We have now produced a statement of response which outlines our responses to all of the feedback we received. We have also updated our draft plan and some of our appendices, and all of these documents can be accessed below.

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