Corporate social responsibility

Since then we've put our customers, and communities they live in, at the heart of our business.



We’re committed to carrying out research to find out what’s important to you.

If you have something to say about how our business operates then we want to hear from you, and where appropriate we’ll act on what you’re telling us.

We’re also keen to tell you what we’re up to. As well as this website, we regularly engage in social media, write or take to the streets to inform you of work that may be taking place in your area.

We also offer tips and advice, such as how to be water efficient, and let you know how you can benefit from the services we offer.


Raising awareness among customers about how we balance social, economic and environmental needs while ensuring we continue to supply clean, safe drinking water, is a key part of our business.

To achieve this we work closely with organisations that work in the community and the environment, such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, The Wildlife Trust and local schools.

We also work very closely with stakeholders who represent  businesses, health and educational sectors, as well as industry bodies, such as WaterUK, to ensure their needs are reflected in our business wherever possible.

You can find out more about how we achieve this by reading our Business Plan.

Giving something back


Whether through direct funding or providing resources for local, national and international initiatives, we are always keen to give something back to the community.

Our work ranges from providing charitable grants to local good causes to supporting our employees who raise thousands of pounds every year for our chosen charity WaterAid.

We’re also committed to donating 400 volunteer days to the local community every year, and run an exciting education programme.

Having fun

Bubbles the Hippo

Where appropriate we believe there should be an element of entertainment in our community engagement activity.

Whether it is sending out our friendly Hippo mascot to schools, giving entertaining talks to the Women’s Institute or sponsoring local firework shows. We hope to put a smile on someone’s face.