Hereford & Worcester Scout County was awarded a £3,250 PEBBLE grant towards improving the biodiversity of Kinver Scout Camp in 2021.

Kinver Scout Camp is situated in South Staffordshire and consists of 11 campsites and 23 acres of woodlands. The site is mostly used by members of the scout association but also hosts other recognised youth organisations and associations. The site has suffered in the past from Himalayan balsam, which is a fast-growing invasive weed that spreads very quickly and prevents native species from growing. Hereford & Worcester Scout County wanted to continue eradicating the balsam from the site, and to renovate a former area of coppice and plant new hedging along the boundary between the camp and neighbouring farmland.

Members of the Kinver Scout Camp team worked to eradicate the balsam and keep it under control by using herbicides. Further volunteers from different youth groups helped to plant bulbs and sow seeds in areas where the balsam had crowded out underlying plant growth. Renovating the former area of coppice was also carried out by several volunteers who helped to remove several sycamore trees, plant more hazel, maintain ash trees (and other berried trees) and established a mixed field hedge down one side of the area.

There is now good regrowth of native plants following the removal of Himalayan balsam across the site, and there remains only a few small areas to treat. The coppice replanting was also very successful. Hereford & Worcester Scout County is continuing to enhance biodiversity at Kinver Scout Camp and hopes to see good regrowth of native plant and tree species.

Posted: April 2023


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