Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust (LHCRT) were awarded £2,300 from the PEBBLE fund in 2020-21 to provide hedging along the line of the canal at Falkland Road, Lichfield.

The restored canal takes a new diverted route along Falkland Road, the relatively new Southern Lichfield bypass, due to development on a section of the original route.  The project is aiming to plant a native hedgerow of hawthorn, hazel, blackthorn and dog rose, along the route of the canal to enhance habitats while the canal is being built. 

Before photo and artist's impression of the completed canal and hedgerowPhoto shows the area before work and an artist's impression of the completed canal and hedging.The hedging will improve the area for wildlife by providing a new ecosystems, as well as shelter and protection for other plants and animals. The local community will benefit from improved air quality as hedges produce oxygen and capture pollutants. It will also provide an even nicer area to enjoy while walking or jogging, with not only the water from the canal in the future but the effects of the hedgerow changing through the seasons and the wildlife which it encourages.

The work was due to start in autumn 2020 but, due to COVID restrictions, was been delayed until March 2021 when we were able to visit to help start the first stage of the planting.  The project will be completed by the autumn 2021.

Photo of the hedging being plantedPhoto shows Chris Bull and Peter Buck from LHCRT with Caroline Cooper and Pete Aspley from South Staffs Water.
Photo of hedging
First planting day: March 2021

Second planting day: May 2021

Update in July

Lichfield canal hedging project

Find out more about the project on the LHCRT website

Posted: March 2021
Updated: July 2021

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