Managing water resources


With a network expected to last many years, population growth and the predicted changes in our climate mean we will have to work hard to maintain a reliable service for all customers.

Droughts are natural events caused by very little rain falling over several months.

We manage the water available to us carefully, but during long dry periods when water resources become stressed, we have extra options available to us to protect our resources and ensure water supplies are maintained.

Traditionally a restriction on water use was called a hose pipe ban, but the term has changed to 'temporary usage ban' or TUB, as the restriction on water usage can be on lots of different activities, not just the use of hose pipes. Our drought plan
Our drought plan looks at the options available to us to help manage supply and demand, and the triggers for different levels of action. It also sets out how we will minimise the impact on the environment caused by our actions, and how we will talk to our customers and our regulators during a drought.

If there is a particularly dry spell, that lasts for many months or even years, drought legislation can allow water companies to ask you to reduce your water usage by not using water for some activities.

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