My water supply

Lead pipes

The water leaving our treatment works and travelling along our network of pipes is virtually lead-free.

Where lead is found in tap water, the cause is usually from lead pipework supplying the house or used forĀ internal plumbing.

Until the 1960's lead was the preferred material for pipework, hence the word plumbing from the Latin for lead - plumbum. Lead was also used in the manufacture of solder to join the pipes.

Houses built after 1963 usually have pipes made from copper or plastic.

If you have a lead supply pipe or internal lead plumbing some lead may dissolve into your supply.

The current regulatory standard for lead in drinking water is 10 micrograms per litre (equivalent to 10 parts per billion).

There is no risk to health from lead at these levels, however, the Department of Health advises that levels should be kept as low as possible, particularly if you're pregnant or have young children.

If you suspect that you have lead pipes, then please contact us and we will be happy to check the lead content of your tap water.