Could you save money by getting a water meter?

Graphic stating "Most people on a water meter save £100 each year"Try a water meter for up to two years to see how much money you can save.

Just over 50% of householders in South Staffs don't have a water meter and they could be saving money by switching. 

“People who have a water meter are saving an average of £100, but there are lot of residents who are still paying water rates so are missing out on those savings.

“Everyone’s circumstances are different so we recommend that you try a meter to see if you can save money. If you don’t save, we have a two-year switch back guarantee so you easily can switch back.

“A good sign you might save money is if you have more bedrooms than people living in your home, but it’s possible for all different household sizes to save.

“It’s really easy to have a meter installed and it’s free too!”

Heidi Knapton, Metering Manager.

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Posted: 8 September 2020