Easter egg donations for local food bank


The Breaking Bread Food Bank in Wednesbury was launched in September 2012 by local churches in the surrounding area, with its mission to help individuals and their families who find themselves in crisis by providing them with enough food to last for three days.

This Easter, we took part in an Easter egg collection, with all donations going to the local food bank. The eggs were given to the children of families who use the food bank and would have otherwise gone without a treat.

Due to the generosity of our colleagues, we collected a total of 236 chocolate eggs (plus additional donations of Easter cakes, Easter egg hunt kits, chocolate bunnies and more!). As we exceeded expectations for the number of eggs collected, we were able to make an additional donation to another local charity, Black Country Women's Aid.  As the appeal was advertised at our Community hub, we also received donations from customers, as well as local businesses in the area.

Both charities were extremely thankful for the donations and extended their thanks to all who donated.