Innovative investment for water treatment works

Photo of Hampton LoadeAn innovative and environmentally sustainable water-filtration system is to be installed at one of our treatment works, in the largest deployment of its kind in the UK.

The work will take place at our  largest treatment works, Hampton Loade, near Bridgnorth, which has a capacity to produce 210 million litres of high-quality water a day and supplies to around 700,000 customers.

The new ceramic membrane-based water-filtration solution will further enhance water quality, increase efficiency and reliability. Once completed, the new treatment process will significantly reduce energy consumption, which will allow us to play our part in the water sector’s ambition to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

“We are really excited about this project, as it has so many benefits. It will ensure our customers continue to receive the high-quality and resilient water supplies they expect and pay for, as well as helping us on the road to delivering net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. These are top priorities for us.

“It’s even more exciting to know that it will be the first retrofit of its kind in an existing water treatment works and the largest deployment of ceramic membrane technology in the UK.

“This is an ambitious and important project for us as it will ensure that we deliver clean and sustainable water supplies for our customers, for our communities and for the environment we all rely on and enjoy.”

Andy Willicott, managing director

The installation will take place over the next four years with support from the Government’s Green Recovery Challenge, and will be the largest deployment of ceramic-membrane technology in the UK and the first retrofit of its kind in an existing water treatment works. 

Installation of additional treatment processes is already underway on site, which will ensure the works site remains operational to supply our customers with the water they rely on every day. This video shows work undertaken between  March and April 2021.

Posted: 18 August 2021