Progress on water mains upgrade for Aldridge

This summer sees phase two of the improvement programme to replace the water main in Aldridge.

The project will see 7km of water main along Erdington Road and adjoining roads upgraded, resulting in improved water quality and a reliable water supply to customers.

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We will be providing regular update of how the work is progressing.

Week one: 21 – 27 July

We started work at the Portland Road junction, which was the point at which phase one finished in 2018.

Photo of the trench for the poly pipeA new 100m long trench has been excavated in the highway up to Sandra Close and new poly pipe installed. The reinstatement of the road surface will be completed this week.

We are seeing quite a few near misses on site, with motorists not following the one-way signs correctly. Please take extra care and attention when driving through the one-way system and follow the temporary road signs to keep everyone safe. Additional advance warning signs have now been put up.

Thank you to all residents who kept our workforce hydrated during the hot spell last week. The team are most appreciative.

Week two will see the works progress over the railway bridge in the highway, completing the new open-cut trench works, ready to slipline the existing cast iron main in week three.

Posted: 31 July 2019

Week two: 28 July - 3 August

The new, flexible, plastic water main installation is progressing steadily through the difficult section of the works over the railway bridge on Erdington Road.

Photo of bridge works in Aldridge

Photo of the traffic management

Network Rail has been to site and approved the new route, a new trench has been excavated over the bridge and the water main is currently being installed.

The road surface has been reinstated where we've already completed work and we've adapted the way we do this to help the traffic flow, causing less disruptions.

Once we've finished the bridge work, our work will speed up as we move to an innovative installation technique using the old PVC pipe main to help with the new flexible plastic (PE) water main installation; the new pipe will be fed through the old pipe.

We are still witnessing issues with motorists not respecting the one-way diversion. Please follow the diversion route correctly to protect our workforce and other road users.

A big thank you to all residents who continue to look after the team with drinks and treats.

Posted: 7 Aug 2019

Week three: 4 - 10 August
We completed the installation of 160m of water main this week, which included the use of a smaller pipe, known as a rail. The 'rail' was laid on the opposite side of the road and eliminated the need for us to undertake extra work to reach each of the properties.

This method helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and ensures a good flow and pressure of water for customers.


As we have now completed the difficult section of works over the railway bridge, final preparations have been made to apply the slipline technique to the existing cast iron main.

The one-way system has been extended and we now expect the works to start progressing at a faster pace along Erdington Road as we adopt the slipline method.
Thank you to all the residents for their continued patience and understanding during these works.
Posted: 13 Aug 2019

Week four: 11 - 17 August 

We installed 140 metres of 110mm plastic pipe along Erdington Road last week. This length of main was completed by using the old 6” cast iron main as a duct, to prevent any additional digging.  We used temporary overland pipes to make sure our customers had little to no disruption to their water supply. 

The grass verges near the junction of Portland Road will be fully reinstated using the original turf taken up, this will be completed by the end of the week. This week will see another 130 metres of pipe installed, this takes us past St Francis of Assisi School, as planned,  to avoid disruption during the school term. 

Thank you again to all our customers and road users for their patience. 

Photo of week four of the Aldridge improvements
Posted: 20 August 2019