South Staffordshire Plc buys Cambridge Water

4 October 2011
I am delighted to announce that South Staffordshire Plc, which owns South Staffordshire Water, has acquired Cambridge Water.

Cambridge Water is a water only company supplying 310,000 people in the city of Cambridge and the surrounding area and is approximately a quarter of the size of South Staffs Water. Both South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water are high quality businesses and have many similarities in that they both have low charges to customers, supply high quality drinking water and offer excellent service, whilst having an efficient operation.

As South Staffordshire Plc now owns two water companies there will be an automatic referral of the acquisition to the Competition Commission. This process will take approximately 6 months to complete and during this process the two water companies will continue to operate independently. No changes are therefore planned as a result of this change in ownership.

Adrian Page, Executive Director of South Staffordshire Plc, commented : "This is an exciting opportunity for South Staffordshire Plc. Cambridge Water is an excellent business and is very similar to South Staffs Water as both water companies aim to deliver excellent service to our customers and this will not change going forward".

For further information please contact Adrian Page at South Staffordshire Plc on 01922 618001.

Adrian Page
Executive Director