Brunswick Park

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Brunswick Park

The Friends of Brunswick Park (FOBP) were awarded £5,000 from the 2018-19 PEBBLE grant.

Brunswick Park in Wednesbury is a grade 2 registered Green Flag park and offers an important green space for the residents of Wednesbury.

The park had a number of trees which needed removing due to age and succumbing to ash die-back. FOBP applied to the PEBBLE fund to replace the trees that had to be removed and have the ambition of replacing trees in the park in a ratio of 2:1.

Working closely with Sandwell Council, who felled the trees and conducted a tree survey, FOBP used the data from the survey to identify which tree species were represented in the park. The newly purchased trees would be species that weren’t already represented, to increase biodiversity. The park was originally granted its Green Flag status largely due to the number of rare trees it contained and the group is keen to improve on this.

FOBP held a tree planting event during National Tree Week 2019 in which they invited several members of the community to participate in the tree planting. Involved in the tree planting was a multi-faith organisation who planted an Elm tree called ‘New Horizon’, the Inner Wheel Group who planted a Walnut tree and Sandwell Young Carers who will bring their young carers to the park as a respite from their caring responsibilities to look at their Sweetgum tree.

The group plan to plant more trees over the next few National Tree Weeks from the grant money as the other trees reach an appropriate size.

Photo of tree planting
New trees at Brunswick Park
National Tree Week 2021

Posted: November 2019 
Updated: February 2022