Coneyberry Millennium Green Fruit and Nut Grove

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Coneyberry Millennium Green Fruit and Nut Grove

Coneyberry Millennium Green Trust, in Clifton Campville, was awarded a grant from the 2017-18 PEBBLE fund to develop a new fruit and nut grove.

The Coneyberry Millennium Green is an eight acre breathing space set up with grant aid from the National Lottery Fund and the Countryside Commission.

The aim of the PEBBLE project was to plant and mulch new trees for the fruit and nut grove, to increase biodiversity of the Green. The Trust has match funded the PEBBLE award with their own fundraising and were able to purchase twelve fruit and nut trees which include apple pear, damson, walnut and sweet chestnut trees.

The trees will provide a new habitat for all types of wildlife, as well as providing a source of foraging food for the local inhabitants of the village.

Photo of the trees in 2018Photo of the trees in 2018

Photos show the trees one month after planting.
(Photos by kind permission of Coneyberry Millennium Trust.)

By July 2020 the trees were starting to flourish.

Photo of an almond tree
Almond tree in July 2020.

Photo of a sweet chestnut tree

Sweet chestnut tree in July 2020.

Photo of a medlar tree.

Medlar tree in July 2020.