Managing water resources

We continually review and improve our water resources management to ensure long-term delivery of supplies.

As part of this, we take into account things like climate change and population growth, as well as our customers’ views on their priorities for the services we deliver.

Every five years, we consult on and publish a long-term water resources management plan. This sets out how we will provide you with reliable and sustainable water supplies over the next 25 years.

It also describes how we will manage our water resources and maintain the balance between supply and demand.

And we consult on and publish a drought plan, which sets out how we will manage our water resources during dry years. It considers the options available to us to manage the water we have available to supply to you and the demand for that water.

It also sets out:

  • how we will minimise the impact our activities have on the environment; and
  • the triggers for different levels of actions we can take in the event of a drought.

We are committed to helping you manage the volume of water you use, and take this into account when developing our long-term plans. This includes providing free water saving devices and advice on saving water in the home, outside and at work.

We also work in partnership with regional groups such as Water Resources West and Water Resources East. These groups bring together a wide range of organisations to consider options for sustainable, long-term water supplies across a particular regions.