Extra help

Our customer promise

You should expect a high level of service from us. Sometimes though, things can go wrong.

We promise that if we fail to meet agreed standards in the following areas of our business we will pay compensation equal to or above the minimum required by our regulator, Ofwat.


£10 for not dispatching at least two bills, which can be either an estimated or actual reading, to a metered customer in 12 calendar months. 

£30 if we do not tell you within five working days that we cannot accept your request for a change of payment method.


£20 if we do not meet guidelines for making, keeping and cancelling appointments.

Interruptions to water supply

£20 or £50 depending on your type of premises, if we do not meet guidelines for;

Notifying you about planned work that will interrupt your supply for four hours or more.


Restoring your supply in an emergency situation such as a burst water main


Low pressure

£25 if you experience persistent low pressure over a period of 28 consecutive days on at least two occasions lasting one hour or more. We aim to ensure that your water pressure is no less than our target of 1 bar at the boundary of your property. We will arrange flow tests at your boundary and remedy as necessary with our equipment. 


£30 if we do not respond to a written complaint or bill enquiry within 10 working days from receipt.