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While we don't provide sewerage services, we bill and collect charges for used water and surface water drainage on behalf of Severn Trent Water so that you only receive a single bill covering all your water services.

How your charges are worked out:

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The water volume charge is based on the water that passes through the meter. To work this out we multiply the amount you've used, in cubic metres (m3), by how much we charge for a cubic meter (£).

Did you know?
1 cubic meter is 1000 litres, around 12 baths full of water.


The water standing charge is a set charge that covers the cost of reading, maintaining and replacing the meter.

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The used water volume charge is a sewerage charge that's based on the principle that all the water you use in your property has to be returned to the sewer. It’s calculated by multiplying how many cubic metres (m3) of water you have used by how much Severn Trent Water charge (£) for treating each cubic meter of water returned to the sewer.

The sewerage fixed charge is based on the services you receive for your premises.

Severn Trent Water make a charge for collecting the rainwater that runs from properties into the sewer. It is called surface water drainage and it's based on the property type.

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