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My metered bill explained

When you have a water meter fitted you're charged for the water you use. The example below shows a typical bill and how your charges are made up.

You can view your bills by logging into MyAccount.

While we don't provide sewerage services, we bill and collect charges for used water and surface water drainage on behalf of Severn Trent Water so that you only receive a single bill covering all your water services.

Metered bill guide - page 1

Graphic showing page 1 of the bill

1Customer ref - your personal account reference number, you'll need this if you contact us.

2Bill date - the date your bill was issued.

3Payment due date - the date your payment should reach us by.

4Account address - address where the bill is sent.

5Period of charge and supply address - the period the bill covers and the address of the property where the water service is used.

6Balance brought forward (after any payments made) - any money owed or credits from your previous bill.

7Total amount due - total amount of any money owed or credits on your account.

8Direct Debit instalment information - these are the dates and amounts that will be collected.

Metered bill guide - 
page 2

Graphic showing page 2 of the bill

 alt=Serial number - the serial number for the meter that supplies your property. This number matches the number on your meter.

10Present reading - an actual or estimated meter reading which is based on previous water use.

11Water charges based on water use*  - the charges collected by South Staffs Water.

12Charges collected on behalf of Severn Trent Water* - these are the charges for used water and surface water drainage.

13Payments received - the payments we’ve had since your last bill.

Graphic for number 14Charges collected on behalf of Severn Trent Water – this is the charge for highway drainage, visit for more information.

*There will be more than one line per charge if there has been a price increase in between the readings for this bill.