Assurance plan - our promises to you

Each year we publish a wide range of information for our stakeholders (regulators, customers and other bodies), about how we run our business and the service standards we achieve.

We want to demonstrate to our stakeholders that this information can be trusted to be accurate and complete. So, we have a wide range of assurance processes in place, including managerial review and using external independent third party assurers.

We have just published our Assurance Plan Consultation document. This consultation sets out our risks, strengths and weaknesses assessment and our draft assurance plan for the period April 2019 to March 2020. Its purpose is to demonstrate to our customers, regulators and other stakeholders:

  • The process we have been through to understand our regulatory reporting risks and
  • The plan we propose to put in place to ensure those risks are controlled.

By publishing our principles and processes in this way, it enables us to demonstrate that assurance and governance are important to us, and that we are effectively planning for these activities to take place each year.

We want all our stakeholders to have confidence that the information we publish across all areas of our performance is accurate and well explained. 

Assurance Plan

Read our Assurance Plan consultation

It is important to us that our assurance processes give our customers and wider stakeholders confidence in our reporting. So, we welcome any comments that anyone may have about this plan or any other aspect of our data or assurance.

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