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Self lay

You can construct mains and services on new developments sites yourself if you're registered with the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS), a national scheme overseen by Lloyds of London. 

Or you can appoint a WIRS registered Self Lay Providers (SLP) to do the work on your behalf.  They will need to contact us, with your authorisation, to agree our costs. We'll work closely with developers who are considering laying water mains as part of a multi-utility programme.

Additional guidance

The Water Industry Code of Practice provides guidance that covers the provision of water infrastructure for housing and industry development in England and Wales.

Our self lay addendum to this document details our specific requirements for self-laying water mains and services.

Although you can lay new water mains, the final connection from the newly laid main to the existing infrastructure needs to be completed by us. Once we've connected and adopted the new main, you've got the option to connect the service pipes to the new properties as another self lay option.

To apply for self lay at your development, we'll need:

  • a site plan
  • A soil analysis report (for developments not deemed Greenfield)
  • A completed application form

Email your application form to:

What happens next?

  • Step 1 Make your application
  • Step 2 We’ll confirm receipt within five days
  • Step 3 We approve or prepare a design as appropriate  
  • Step 4 You’ll receive a quote and Legal Agreement within 28 days (42 days if greater than 500 plots)
  • Step 5 You make payment for any required non contestable costs and return signed Legal Agreement
  • Step 6 Pre start meeting
  • Step 7 Programme agreed
  • Step 8 You lay test, swab and chlorinate mains
  • Step 9 We make final connection to commission mains
  • Step 10 We issue vesting certificate
  • Step 11 We make asset payment to SLP/Developer
  • Step 12 Mains ready for service connections