My bills and payments

If, after we perform an initial meter installation survey, it shows that a meter can’t be fitted either internally or externally at reasonable cost, you may consider paying an assessed charge.

If your charges are assessed, you will be billed annually. You may use one of our flexible payment options to spread the cost.

Important: This tariff is only available to customers with restricted circumstances. It is not available as an alternative to metering if we decide it would be reasonable and practical to install a meter.

Assessed charges 2023/24

Property type Assessed charge for water per year Assessed charge for sewerage per year Surface water drainage per year
Flat / Terrace £172.33 £159.20 £23.79
Semi - Detached £240.84 £175.50 £47.57
Detached £304.88 £206.75 £71.36
Single Person* £107.64 £88.97 Applicable property type charge as detailed above.

* Proof of single occupancy will be required i.e. council tax bill.

We can't offer you assessed charges if

  • A meter can be fitted at reasonable cost
  • You refuse to pay any additional costs for the installation of a meter in an alternative location
  • You refuse to carry out any work needed for the meter to be installed