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We call this surface water and Severn Trent Water include the cost of removing it in their sewerage charges.

There are some properties where surface water does not drain to the public sewer (e.g. through a soakaway or into a stream). If you think this applies to your property, you can apply for a reduction in your charges.
We will need to know:

    • Whether any surface water drains into the public sewer
    • Where the water drains to (e.g. soakaway, grassed area, water butt, watercourse, river or brook)
    • Whether your driveway slopes towards the road
    • Whether there are any properties on your road, that you are aware of, which receive this discount.

Important: if surface water (such as rainwater) from any part of your property drains to a public sewer, you will have to pay a charge for this service.

Claiming a lower sewerage charge

Get in touch with us, providing details of the information requested above, and we will review your enquiry.