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So that we can discuss your options, we would like to schedule an appointment with you. We can offer advice, guidance and assist you in finding the right solution. Please call 0330 123 0074, quoting the 'work order reference' stated on the 'my water supply' card left by our team.
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Working in partnership with South Staffs Water to deliver quality water to the community

To find out more about your water supply, including who is responsible for the pipes that supply your property, please read through the information below.

Pipe responsibility

Assisted repairs

The water pipe that runs from the boundary of your property to your home is usually your responsibility. However, as part of our commitment to reducing leakswe're here to help you find the right solution to getting any leaks fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Metered supplies

 If you are a metered customer, it is useful to know where your water meter is located and how to take a reading.

If water leaking from your supply pipe is recorded by your meter, you will be billed for it. We may consider granting you an allowance to cover the cost of the extra water, providing that the work to repair the leak is undertaken within 30 days.

Supply pipe replacement

As part of our assisted leak repair service, we may be able to contribute up to £300 towards the cost of replacing the whole supply pipe, if work has been completed in line with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations. To be considered for this contribution, you must be a private homeowner residing at the property (terms and conditions apply, please see our leakage code of practice). If your insurance company has completed these works, no contributions will be provided.

If you have replaced the whole supply pipe and wish to be considered for a contribution of up to £300, you will need to email your relay invoice to The invoice needs to detail all of the works completed, including the total cost of works. We aim to have contribution paid into your bank account within 10 working days.

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