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If you are on a low income we may be able to help by putting a limit on your charges for water and sewerage services.

WaterSure is a tariff designed to help families save money if they use a lot of water and receive certain income-related benefits.

To be on the tariff you must have a water meter fitted. Customers on WaterSure pay for the water they use, up to a fixed maximum which won't be higher than the average household water bill.

Check if you are eligible

1) Do you have a water meter?

Requirements for WaterSure

 Before you make an application, please check that you:

And have either:

  • Three or more children under the age of 19 living in the household for whom the person receiving benefit also claims child benefit

ImportantYou do not qualify for the scheme if you water your garden with a non-handheld appliance such as a sprinkler or domestic irrigation system, or if you have an auto-fill swimming pool, or a pond with a capacity of over 10,000 litres.

WaterSure charges

This is a fixed annual charge.

WaterSure £ per year
Water charge £145.40
Used water charge £168.70