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Interrupting customers supply

We understand the importance of a constant water supply, but occasionally this can be interrupted, mostly when we’re carrying out routine maintenance work.

Properties with an interruption to supply this month:


For example, we sometimes turn off sections of water pipe at night to identify leaks. This will usually happen between midnight and 6 am. These interruptions are typically for less than one hour. As the disruption is short and at night, we won’t normally tell you in advance.

We will always try to advise you of any planned work and assist you with any necessary special arrangements. If we’re planning to interrupt your supply for more than four hours to do essential maintenance work, we will always give you at least 48 hours' written notice.

Supplies can be interrupted in an emergency such as a burst water main. When we can’t restore the water quickly, we will always try to let you know. Some larger mains are more difficult to repair but typically the water will be restored within 12 hours.

If an interruption is likely to be longer than 4 hours at peak times, we always try to provide an emergency supply - normally from water bowsers.

If you’re unsure why your water it’s off, check our steps to identify the issue – it could be a problem with your stop tap or plumbing.