Managing water resources

Our current water resources

Rainfall has been lower than average this winter but at this stage our reservoirs are full and we have no concerns about water resources.

January 2018


We will carefully monitor the situation and work closely with the Environment Agency, other water companies and large water users, to ensure we can continue to manage our resources effectively if the dry weather continues. 

Water is a precious resource and we always do what we can to conserve supplies and encourage our customers to be as water efficient as possible.

We offer our customers free water saving devices, water saving advice and encourage free water meters to be fitted where possible. Dry summer periods are often when customers want to use more water in their gardens and for leisure activities so we will continue to provide information to help them use water efficiently during these times.

To plan for the future we carry out careful research into population trends; housing and commercial development proposals; how our customers use water and whether there is likely to be an increase in demand. We consider options to make sure we have enough water resources available to meet predicted demand in the long-term. We are currently working on our new Water Resources Management Plan and the draft will be published in early 2018.