My bills and payments

Responsibility for charges

Normally the occupier of the property is responsible for paying water charges.

Moved home? - Let us know

If you have recently moved, please let us know by completing our online form.

Unmetered bills

Your first bill will be issued when you move in, then each year during February or March.

Payment is due in advance for the whole year on 1 April. If your bill is sent out later than March, payment will be due on the date shown on your bill.  

Your bill may also be paid in:

  • Two half-yearly instalments - normally 1 April and 1 October
  • Eight instalments over a year - normally April to November
  • Fortnightly or weekly instalments

If payments aren't made on or by the due dates, the arrangement will be cancelled and any outstanding charges will be due in full.

Metered bills

We send our metered household customers a bill at least twice a year.

At least one bill each year will be based on an actual meter reading. If we don't have an actual reading, bills will be based on an estimate. The estimated bills are calculated by averaging the daily consumption between two actual meter readings.

If we don't have any actual readings, we will use the consumption from the previous billing period.

When you receive an estimated bill from us you can submit a reading either online or by contacting us

Payment is due on the date shown on the bill, but your bill may also be paid in:

  • 12 monthly instalments
  • Fortnightly or weekly instalments

Payment plans are designed to spread the cost of your water bill, making it more affordable. Your payments need to reach us on or before the due date or the payment plan will be cancelled and all outstanding charges will be due.

Difficulties paying?

We know that finding the money can sometimes be difficult. Check our advice to find out how we can help.

Tenanted properties

  • If you pay your water charges to a landlord we'll need you to make sure they write to us confirming the arrangement  
  • Once we've received this written communication we'll send future water bills direct to your landlord
  • Where a tenancy is for a period less than 12 months the owner may be liable to pay the water charges
  • If we aren't informed about new tenants, we'll continue to bill the owner until we receive the tenancy details

Questions about charges

If you have a question about your water charges please contact us.  

If you think you don't owe the amount you're being asked to pay, you need to let us know why. We'll investigate and make sure the charges are billed correctly.

Unpaid bills

If a bill is unpaid, we'll send a reminder 14 days after the bill became due.  We may also call you.

If your account still remains unpaid after we've sent a reminder, we'll seek to recover outstanding charges. We can:

  • Employ the services of a carefully selected debt collection agency
  • Seek to recover charges through the County Court.