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Code of practice for leakage

Our Code of practice for metering

Our Code of Practice for Metering gives guidance and information on all you’ll need to know about water meters.


Our Codes of Practice for Household Customers

This Code of Practice is for household customers and gives information on the services we provide, the terms and conditions on which they are offered and how our customers can find the help and advice they need.


Condition R Compliance Code

Network access code 2015

Access Code Guidance and Common Contract

Our Code of Practice for household customer debt

Information about paying your bills, and what we will do if you don't pay and do not contact us.


Corporate governance code

Board leadership, transparency and governance code - published in March 2014


Network access code

Our Network Access Code details the processes and guidelines the holder of a Water Supply Licence should adopt if they take over retail responsibilities for any customers within our region.